224- True Care

Hey guys, I don’t have much to post tonight, but one if my favorite artists of all time, James Vincent Mcmorrow, just dropped a new album! I’ve posted about his music a few times, and his music has gotten me through many tough times. There’s just something about his voice and what he does with music that is so amazing. I mean, it’s almost orgasmic. Listen for yourself and see what I’m talking about. His album is called True Care, and so is the first single off of it. 

Enjoy! See you on my next post!

145- Morning Talks

I’ve been up for a while now, and the sun’s rays are beaming through my blinds at this moment. I’m listening to “Surreal” by James Vincent Mcmorrow, and for once in many mornings, I’m not waking up with a knot in the pit of my stomach. As I lay here, though, memories start to fade in and out against the melody of the song. Many of them are cringey to say the least, but I remind myself to enjoy this moment. I remind myself that I’m not there anymore, I’m here. It sure does feel good to be right here. 

My favorite lines of this song are definitely “You have come and placed your palm on my wrist, dragged me into the light, now I’m hoping I will be enough.” 

I will definitely be posting more about James Vincent Mcmorrow’s music, because it has honestly always been a comfort for me. Check him out if you have a chance. Have a great morning guys. 

Let Your Soul Flow

As I am writing this post, I’m listening to James Vincent McMorrow’s latest album We Move. Whenever I listen to him sing, I imagine his voice working through my ears, making its way swiftly across my temple, then smoothly melting down to my toes, completely encapsulating my whole being.

Honestly, pure, beautiful music like this embodies my soul.

Listening to music in general makes me feel invincible. In the process of capturing those wonderful sounds, I always feel like my true self. It’s the self that I imagine being completely devoid of my human flesh, the self where all there is, is this amazing source of sweet, sweet energy. You know what I mean?

I always say that whenever someone introduces me to a new song, or new artist, I feel like they’ve literally given me a gift. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and playing one of my favorite tunes, letting everything up until the point of pressing play, float into some far away abyss.

Reader, as soon as you’re done taking these words in, I urge you to play a song that makes you feel good. Let all your worries freeze in time for a couple of minutes as you let your soul flow freely.