185- OCD Quote 

” What if you were you mother and you kept having doubts about drowning your baby in the bath? How would you talk about it then? … Or a gay man who kept having thoughts about tits when he made love to his husband? You’d keep it a secret for years; for your whole life, perhaps…and even though you had what the World Health Organization considers one of the ten most debilitating disorders in the world, not a soul would know” – Pure by Rose Bretecher


One thought on “185- OCD Quote 

  1. in that case, you could only talk about ocd using examples of other people and other examples than the worst ones.

    fortunately, i dont think there are different parts of the brain responsible for nagging thoughts about another (kind of) lover, or nagging worries about your abilities as a parent. which isnt to say that everyone is the same, but no two people are 100% different, either.


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