Day 109- Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Men

One thing that I have noticed about the topic of low self-esteem in the media, is that it always seems to be a problem that only women experience. This is honestly not the case. Ladies, you’ve probably dated a guy with low self-esteem and never noticed it, because it’s almost a social taboo for a man to have low self-esteem. The reason why it’s important to realize these tendencies is, because in his hatred for himself, he will do anything to make you feel worse than the way he’s feeling. Last night I came across this article  that details 8 signs to look out for when dating a man with low self-esteem:

  1. He never sees the good in himself
  2. He judges you for everything
  3. He’s a perfectionist
  4. He can’t see the positive side of anything
  5. He is jealous when you’re around other men
  6. Keeps you away from your friends
  7. He blames everyone but himself
  8. He never seems to understand your point of view

Ladies, I know it’s not easy to let go of someone that you love dearly, but if he can’t bring himself to love him the way he’s supposed to, how is he supposed to love you? Low self-esteem is honestly very debilitating for anyone, so be as understanding as you can, but protect yourselves as well.



3 thoughts on “Day 109- Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Men

  1. this is an interesting list, and perhaps its simply a list about people who *always* have low self-esteem. i struggled with low-self esteem growing up (abusive parent) and throughout 2016 (depression) and while i cant relate to this list directly, i can confirm that ive met men like this. i will point out how my low self-esteem differed– including when i was with my girlfriend last year (2016 was one of the major low points in my life so far.)

    i held on to my accomplishments to make it through (He never sees the good in himself)

    i adored my girlfriend, even though i knew it wasnt mutual– it really wasnt, she was all over this list in her own way (He judges you for everything)

    ive been a recovering perfectionist for years, mostly i just fight the urge to be down on myself (He’s a perfectionist)

    some things make me extremely happy. im a lot less critical than i used to be, but i used to complain all the time. (He can’t see the positive side of anything)

    this was never me. if im with a woman, i know shes “mine,” at least in the sense of a figure of speech that is slowly dying. i dont have to be confident about everything else to know when im loved and cared for. but ive known people that cant tell, because they have no confidence. (He is jealous when you’re around other men)

    not me either. friends are important. (Keeps you away from your friends)

    this isnt my fault! no, im joking. i blame myself all the time, but not always the right amount either way. (He blames everyone but himself)

    what do you mean? im sorry, joking again. i know im pretty good at understanding people– not perfect– because people thank me for it. (He never seems to understand your point of view)

    perhaps this is a good list of warning signs– i dont want to knock it if it helps people. heck, these signs are good warnings even if they point to something other than low self-esteem.

    all im saying is, my low self-esteem was different. cheers.

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