Day 108- Self-Hate

Do you suffer from self-hatred? You’re not alone. I can honestly remember feeling inferior to everyone around me from such a young age, of course this was induced by some traumatic events that I suffered as a child, but as I have gotten older, that hatred has yet to subside.

I question myself at every turn. I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy of friends, love…life. It has not been an easy journey for me thus far, but through my work in therapy and insightful nature, I know that this can change. It actually is changing. The first step is realizing that you’re hurting yourself. The steps afterward won’t be easy, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy to accomplish. I googled signs of low self-esteem, and the top five signs are:

  1. Social withdrawal
  2. Anxiety and emotional turmoil
  3. Lack of social skills and self confidence. Depression and/or bouts of sadness
  4. Less social conformity
  5. Eating disorders

I have experienced the first four signs, or symptoms if you will. If you guys want to read more about it, you can visit:

I believe that this is a topic that should be discussed, and I will definitely be posting about this all week, so stay tuned.





3 thoughts on “Day 108- Self-Hate

  1. I also have experienced the first 4 symptoms, so I can relate. It’s hard when behaviors interlock (like I have poor social skills so I messed up this interaction, which makes me want to withdraw even further from others). I don’t know if it helps any, but you’re not the only one still facing old shadows.

    I look forward to your upcoming posts.

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