Day 85- My Peace of Mind: Lauryn Hill

Song of the Night: Peace of Mind by Lauryn Hill

She is one of my all time favorite artists. I listen to her music when I’m in tears, when I want to smile, when I want to relax, when I want to feel like a dope rapper. Today was not much of a good day for me, so this is definitely one of my go to songs for days like these. Aside from “I gotta find peace of mind,” my favorite line from this beautiful tune is “you make my desire pure.” I mean, for five words, this line packs a punch. Much like her body of work, lines like this are definitely quality over quantity. She also says: “You inspire me to be the higher me,” which makes me hope to, one day,  feel even remotely close to the same way about a man. I could honestly feel all of her emotions through each word, which is why I love listening to this jam. Right now, this song is on repeat as I try to find my own peace of mind, from my peace of mind: Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Good night.


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