Day 76- Do Us Women Play Too Many “Gaims”?

Song of the night: Gaims by Kamau

This song begins with a lovely, fun beat where a smattering of lively hand claps can be heard over the initial beat. Once all the different sounds blend in together, it becomes very reminiscent of New Orleans Mardi Gras music. Kamau’s voice, of course, works hand in hand with the beat to give this song its great, fun, easy day at the park, vibe. As great as this song sounds, though, the uptempo rhythm is quite deceiving, much like the women that this young man sings about.

He says: ” You try to make me thirsty so when you call back you can be the smooth hydrator.” I mean, this guy is pretty frustrated. I honestly agree with him, because these dating games,or rules as they like to be called are just childish sometimes. I mean, sure, the song is a little one sided, because we all know that men love to do the same. As a woman, though, like he says throughout the whole song, I think we should just give it to guys straight. Let’s not reel them in whenever  we want just to cast the poor guys out like they have no feelings. 

However you feel about it, this song is really awesome to listen to at anytime of the day or night. Check it out!



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