Day 72

Every time I come home, it seems like everything has changed around me.Right now I’m driving around Miami with my mom. Not the Miami where girls in bikinis are walking around 24/7, but my Miami. The Miami where working class immigrant families have settled for decades, where Haitians, Jamaicans, Hispanics, and other national groups intermingle to create this awesome, bustling atmosphere. It’s so comforting to walk outside of my home and hear a multitude of languages, like beautiful melodies blessing my ears. I’m happy that every time I come back home, something seems to be different to me, because it feels good to see my beloved city with new eyes each time.


3 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. I love this, because I always love understanding what places are really like beyond their “reputation.” You know, like Miami is known for the partying but from reading this post I know it’s also this amazing cultural hub. NYC is known as being glamorous and beautiful but I live a half hour outside of it so I know it’s also got a lot of dirty, ugly parts. I just started reading your blog so I’m not sure if you’ve done this already, but I’d love to hear more about what it was like to grow up there! Following

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    • Right? Like I always try to tell people that Miami is more than south beach haha! And yeah I’ve never been to New York, but if I ever go I would want to see all parts of the city. I come back home for the holidays every so often so I’ll try to write more about it! Thanks!

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