Day 52

It’s barely 10pm, and I’m currently taking a stroll around my college campus. It feels like fall. There’s a slightly forceful breeze and the leaves upon the trees are swinging in full effect. I love taking walks like this. It’s so easy for me to think. I don’t have to force myself to relax, because I feel as if I am in my element. 

These days my mood has been all over the place, but overall I’m still progressing very well. As I’m walking past all of the buildings that I used to have class in, I think about all of the times I experience an overwhelming amount of anxiety. Like there’s a cringy memory that goes with each building. It’s okay, though, I can laugh at it!

But that’s all for tonight folks! Of course continue to make great strides on your mental health journeys, because you will get better in time. 


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