2 Awesome Chicago Rappers I Discovered From Listening to Chance The Rapper

Noname Gypsy

I first heard her voice on Chance The Rapper’s mixtape Acid Rap. Her verse on the sensual “Lost” blew my mind. Noname’s bars are embedded in clever rhymes, and her relaxed delivery shows great control and confidence. Her calm demeanor as she raps is what keeps me coming back for more. Her soulful vibe also reminds me of the neo-soul artists of the 90’s and early 2000’s. She recently released her album Telefone, and my favorite song from it is titled “Yesterday.”


I’d heard his voice on Chance’s Acid Rap as well, but he didnt’t capture my attention until  Chance’s hit Coloring Book song, “Angels.” There was just something about how he sang the chorus that led me to look into more of his music. Upon finding more of his work, I fell in love. He attacks each verse with a raw and unfiltered attitude. His authenticity is what draws me in the most, honestly. Even though I can’t relate to his all of the stories that he recounts, I can feel his desire for success. I understand being young and constantly dreaming about, and working towards achieving long sought after goals. Saba does not disappoint, listen for yourself.


I have come across other great Chicago artists, and I can honestly say that Chi-town has some of the most talented up and coming rappers of our generation. So here’s a bonus suggestion if you like what you’ve heard above.




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