Day 5

Shitty day.

Just shitty.

On the bright side, some of the symptoms of my anxiety have decreased.

But, honestly, I can’t help but think about the relationships that I may be hurting as I’m  going through one of the worst bouts of anxiety/ocd than I ever have before.

Will I be able to salvage them once I feel better?

I can’t keep this thought in my head, though. I can only focus on right now, and worry about the future when it becomes my present.

Suggestion: Practice mindfulness meditation. There are tons of great videos on YouTube.

I’ve fallen off a bit, well a whole lot, when it comes to meditating. So after I publish this post, I will be doing just that.

Try to break the cycle, people.

You’re not 5 minutes ago, and you’re not 5 minutes from now. You’re right here. Right now.



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