My Life Mantra

Reader, close your eyes and say this to yourself every night before you go to bed.

I won’t ever doubt myself again.

No one can judge me, but me.

No one can make me feel anything that I don’t own myself.

I am awesome.

I embody pure joy!

I wasn’t put on this Earth to allow others to define me!

I carry peace, love, and happiness in my heart.

My dreams will come true.

Every obstacle that I have encountered  in my life is leading me to something better.

My true self will radiate outwards from the depths of my soul.

I regret nothing.

I will win.

Now, Reader, I am no where near close to where I want to be in my personal life. I battle with anxiety every day, and as discouraging as it can be at times, I refuse to retain a negative outlook on myself, and neither should you. 


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