Give Yourself to Nature

Today I visited the Florida Caverns State park, where I went hiking with a friend. To tell you guys the truth, while I was going up and down the rocky terrain of the hiking trail, I was in such a state of calm. I was breathing in fresh air,  I was surrounded by lush, green scenery, and delicate butterflies made their presence known in the most beautiful way. In that moment, I felt as if I were truly a child of this earth. 

Honestly, if you’re feeling a high level of anxiety, I would recommend going out for a walk. Many times we forget that we are as natural as trees, grass, and the clouds above. I think that getting outside and connecting with our world can help ease our pain by reminding us that being able to breathe in, out, in, and out fresh air every day is the best part about being alive. In other words, our stresses are man made, and we shouldn’t let them consume us, or define our actions. 


2 thoughts on “Give Yourself to Nature

  1. When I feel anxious I love to go for a walk it seems to help me a lot. I can completely relate to this post. Thank you for sharing. I’m following you, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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