Morning Routine to Let in Positive Vibes

Eyes Wide Open

The moment I wake up I thank my higher power for allowing me another day to chase my dreams. I think of the possibilities of the day, and I get up with the thought that I will have a good day.

Let the Light In

I feel your environment greatly influences the way you feel, so after I’ve gotten out of bed, I open up my window or simply open the blinds to let some sunshine into my room. There’s nothing like the warmth of the sun to make you feel good. 

Nurture Your Mind

Your mind is where the magic begins. What I like to do the reinforce positivity in my life is one of three activities: journal, listen to music, or practice yoga. 

Wash It All Away

A nice shower not only cleanses the body, but it can cleanse the mind. While in the shower I imagine all the negative thoughts in my mind wash down the drain along with the dirt from my flesh.

Eat up!

My routine always ends the same way: with a nice meal. It doesn’t have to be a full on pancake breakfast. Sometimes I have something as small as an apple and a cup of orange juice. Just as you nurture your mind, you must nurture your body in order to replenish your energy daily.

You don’t have to do exactly as I do, but create a short routine for yourself daily and you’ll realize a huge difference in your day.


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