Mom Is Where The Heart Is

As I lie next to my mother, I feel her warmth envelop my whole being. It has been two months since the last time I have seen her and even though I arrived home from college yesterday, I didn’t feel like I was really home until I was able to wrap my arms around her.
Right here, next to her, I am invincible. I am at peace. I am safe.

I live eight hours away from home, so you can only imagine how it feels not to see her very often. Granted, I don’t have to listen to her nag me about what my plans for the future are, I could never deny that she is truly my beacon of light.
When I’m going through a load of crap away from home, she helps me through it over the phone. Although she can’t wipe my tears with her hands, she does so with her words. Words that seep into my body and echo through my spirit. Words that scrub the pain away until it seems like the smallest particle of

I bring this to you to say that if you feel as though your light is dimming, go hug someone that makes you feel good. My person is my mom, for you it can be your dad, your best friend, your boyfriend/ girlfriend, your child.

The best thing about it, is that you don’t even have to say what’s wrong if you’re not in the mood, because sometimes all it takes is being around someone who truly cares for you to lift you out of a funk. Don’t let negativity bring you down, allow for whoever that person is for you to recharge your spirit with good vibes.


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