Let’s Not Waste Time

I got the itch again. The itch to write. I have no real direction for this post, but I feel the need to satisfy this incessant voice in my mind that’s telling me to release some type of energy with my fingers flying across a keyboard, cell phone keyboard that is.


I feel the light breeze of the ceiling fan across my face as I lie in bed replaying my whole day in my head. Throughout my thoughts there are moments here and there where I, now, wish I would have kept my mouth shut, or that I would have acted differently, but right in this second…I can’t change any of it. Does this ever happen to you? I feel that a lot of what holds us back are our regrets over silly things. When you think about it, we waste our energy focusing on the past when we should, in fact, focus on the present moment.

I can tell you now that in the past I have wasted so much time thinking about events in my life that I could not change. Honestly, it got so tiring to replay the hurt and pain over and over…and over again. For me, it had gotten to such a point that I catapulted myself into a dark tunnel of depression without knowing how I got there.

So, I say, when you feel like your past is controlling your present, do something productive (write a blog post)! Do something you love! I mean, get up, blast some music, and dance if you have to! Let’s not waste time on thoughts that will bring tears, but let’s create memories that will bring smiles.



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5 thoughts on “Let’s Not Waste Time

  1. Hi,
    I can relate to what you said– I love my fingers flying across the computer keyboard.
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  2. I love when that happens with me, it could go on with a really long droughts of my fingers not typing for something productive , but when I start I keep going for a while and it’s the best feeling because idead keep flowing and flowing and the words seem to come hand in hand.

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