I look into the depth of the pool with fear in my eyes. From where I’m standing, this pool is just a chlorine filled pit of doom. I wonder to myself over and over: what the heck am I doing here? At this point, I am 20 years old, and I am standing at the foot of the pool within my university’s gym, hesitantly waiting for adult swim lessons to begin.

This was a year ago, and yes, you’ve read correctly, I didn’t learn how to swim until adulthood. As scared as I was then, it was one of the best things that  I had done for myself.

Whenever I’m feeling low, water is truly the best remedy for my negative emotions. In the water, I’m free. I’m not flesh and bones. I’m my own spirit. I literally imagine myself as an orb of energy that flows effortlessly with the movements of the water.                                                                My thoughts are instantly clear.

Recently, I read a blog post by Laura Hamilton, titled “The Spiritual Power of Water,” where she discusses how great of a role that water has played in the spiritual realm over many centuries. The example that stuck out to me the most was that of a baptisim, which is much like a rebirthing process for individuals of the Christian faith. This was powerful to me,  because I always feel like a new person whenever I’ve finished a swim at the pool.

Water connects with the mind, in a way that allows for us to shed negativity, in order to leave room for better things to influence us.

The next time you go for a swim, make a conscious effort to release thoughts that hold you back. Don’t think too hard. Don’t miscontrue my previous statement about Christianity and think in terms of religion, but think in terms of yourself. Think of  the positive things that you want for yourself, and the baggage of your thoughts that you wish to leave behind.


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